Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

For decades, compressed natural gas is used worldwide in the automotive industry.

Conscious that the use of natural gas vehicles would bring broad benefits to motorists, in particular, and for the Mozambican economy in general, the Matola Gas Company has one of its main clients the AutoGás company, company licensed by the state to convert and supply natural gas vehicles, starting these to use a more economical and clean energy in place of expensive imported liquid fuels.

There are already in operation the first two service stations in the region, near the central station of Transports Maputo (TPM), and Matola, the main station of the Matola Gas Company.

Again, the use of new and modern technologies allows the use of two types of fuel, alternately, in the same vehicle (natural gas and other petroleum fuels).

With the Matola Gas Company, the dream of Mozambique of using local energy for the benefit of the national economy and the population at last became reality.

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