MGC Sponsors Health and Well Being Fair

Polana Casino organized on the 4th of November 2017, with the support from MGC the first Health and Well Being fair. This initiative was brought to the public in the scope of their Social Responsibility plan.

This fair had lectures on breast, uterus and prostate cancer, two bicycle races (off road and street race), foot race, free cancer screenings for both adults and children, blood donations dance and yoga classes.

The pedestrian race had the participation of popular and federated athletes in both masculine and feminine categories. According to the event planners, all income from the races (symbolic participation fees) will be donated to charity institutions.
Although it is the first event of this type, it is expected to continue in the following years to value well-being and to be an incentive to the population to be healthier and worry about their current state, as well as inspire similar initiatives throughout the country.
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