Matola Gas Company sponsors Carlos Morgado Summer Camp

The cities of Maputo and Matola hosted, from 9th to 13th of December the initiative which included 200 children, from six to twelve years (in both sexes). "Minibasquete" games, painting workshops and singing workshop and traditional musical instruments were the activities that occupied the children.

The camp was baptized Carlos Morgado in honor of the former Minister of Industry and Commerce who died in 2007. His verticality, patriotism, exemplary professionalism and his investment in the "Mozambique Cause" were the criteria that guided the organizer in choosing the name.

Natural Gas Reserves in the World
196,3 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in the World: Russia
47,8 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in Africa: Nigeria
5,1 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Natural Gas Reserves in Mozambique
2,8 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)
The power of Mozambican clean energy.

The power of


clean energy!