Eskom may import natural gas from Mozambique

The Jornal Notícias reported in its Saturday edition, that the South African utility company ESKOM is studying the possibility of importing natural gas from Mozambique.

The information, according to the AIM, was given by the President of the company, Cyril Ramaphosa, in a meeting with parliamentarians in Cape Town. He said that the possibility of importing gas is part of the company's strategy to diversify the power sources, mainly looking for contracts with a longer term, at a time when ESKOM is confronted with frequent power shortages.

With an exploration potential of 200 trillion cubic feet, projects led by Anadarko and ENI will put Mozambique among the largest LNG (liquid natural gas) exporting countries, the deadline for the start of commercial operation is set by the companies and the government for 2018.

Along with ESKOM, the Asian market is also lurking the natural gas that will be produced in the country.
Natural Gas Reserves in the World
196,3 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in the World: Russia
47,8 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in Africa: Nigeria
5,1 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Natural Gas Reserves in Mozambique
2,8 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)
The power of Mozambican clean energy.

The power of


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