About Matola Gas Company

Matola Gas Company, SA (MGC) is a Mozambican company engaged in the transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas produced in Mozambique that is used as an energy source for the operation of various industrial units in Maputo province.

Matola Gas Company, founded in 2004, is a company composed of national capital (held by the Mozambican government through the National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH) and private investors) and foreign capital (owned by South African company Gigajoule International).

The company operates a transmission and distribution pipeline of natural gas of about 100 km with a capacity of about 8 million gigajoules of natural gas per year, through a concession agreement established with the Government of Mozambique for distribution to the province of Maputo.

The pipeline begins in Ressano Garcia which is connected to the main pipeline from the exploration fields of Pande and Temane destined for South Africa. The compression station is located 75 km later in Malhampsene area where the pressure is reduced to 10 bar.

Currently natural gas is supplied to the Mozal aluminum plant, the cement factory in Mozambique Cement and other 18 companies located in Machava and Matola (Maputo province) who have opted for a local energy, cleaner and more efficient, in their production processes in place of other imported fuels. Recently an even greater number of investors have added to their projects the use of natural gas due to the benefits of this fuel under viewpoints and economic protection of the environment.
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Natural Gas Reserves in the World
196,3 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in the World: Russia
47,8 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Largest Reserve in Africa: Nigeria
5,1 trillions
metros cubicos (2014 Est.)

Natural Gas Reserves in Mozambique
2,8 trillions
cubic meters (2014 Est.)
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